Back To School & Rugby

Now that most children are back at school, the first delivery of COGS couldn’t have come at a better time. We finally received our long awaited delivery last week and immediately starting fulfilling a backlog of orders, so thank you for your patience. Our favourite picture was our first Prince Pack dispatch: Not only did we face the challenge of meeting the high demand for the gloves but also the need to stock them in the local shops throughout our home county. These cool little items will settle into their niche in a wide variety of shops from stationers, gift shops and educational stores. Pictures soon to follow. COGS & Rugby Now to the rugby. This weekend our local team Gloucester were hosting Bath in the Aviva Premiership. There’s always a big build up to a local derby and this game was no different, attracting a sell-out crowd of 16,000 supporters. To add to the tension, the weather decided to unleash a full torrent of rain for most part of the morning, thus ensuring we were all soaked prior to kick-off. Unfortunately the game didn’t go as planned and […]

COGS get their first airing

On The Sofa with Special Guest Author Anoushka Beazley It was great to see the gloves reviewed by the team at mybaba today.  You can see the video here: Watch Here Go to 4 minutes, 49 secs and our very own pair of Blue 5 Times Table Gloves are reviewed. They had a lot of products to get through, but Ellie managed to try on the pair herself.  All credit to her. To see the video in full either watch the youtube video or you can go to the mybaba website here: My Baba Thanks for taking the time to read this & enjoy the video.

Back to School

The summer holidays have sped by and for the last few weeks we’ve been bombarded by ‘Back to School’ events and offers. Whether you’re about to start school for the first time or returning to meet a new teacher and catch up with friends a new adventure is ahead of you. Here’s some on my observations on Counting On Gloves. Walking the Dog At COGS we’ve been busy too. Our delivery of ‘Counting on Gloves’ is about to arrive. They’ve introduced some interesting discussions over the summer months. Many seniors have said ‘learning by rote’ meant they’ve never forgotten their times tables, although they often found it a chore! Even some of my dog walking friends have despaired of the fact that some children lack the basic maths skills they need in today’s fast paced world. We hope our COGS will be used alongside more traditional methods of teaching times tables. We realise all children are different and progress at different speeds. However, we’ve been lucky because we’ve seen at first-hand how our ‘Counting on Gloves’ have helped fast track that learning process in a […]

Looking back over the past 4 months

When we look back over the past few months, its amazing to think how quickly we’ve brought things together. You can see one of the first designs of the gloves, numbers painstakenly stitched into the fingers – wow that took quite some time. There must be an easier way and what about the logo? The question of the colours, how many and what works well. Where do we put the logo? Its not an easy discussion as everyone has their own view. Even the face on the logo, ie in the middle of the COG started out with just one eye and a slightly cheeky face! Two Blues So here we are with are the two examples of the 10 times table in blue. I’m sure we’ve still got the originals somewhere. No doubt they’re probably destined for the shelf, but the time taken to stitch the numbers, wow, not for the faint hearted. I might even post up a pick of the multi-coloured glove!

Up and running

Off we go Well finally after months of hard work and planning, we are good to go. Add the many hours spent mulling over colours, designs and logos and the website is finally complete. The gloves are on their way. The first batch are with the magazines and we look forward to the end of the summer hols and back to school. Should be a busy few weeks – now time for a cuppa [wpsr_socialbts]