Back To School & Rugby

Now that most children are back at school, the first delivery of COGS couldn’t have come at a better time. We finally received our long awaited delivery last week and immediately starting fulfilling a backlog of orders, so thank you for your patience. Our favourite picture was our first Prince Pack dispatch:

20160929_185425Not only did we face the challenge of meeting the high demand for the gloves but also the need to stock them in the local shops throughout our home county. These cool little items will settle into their niche in a wide variety of shops from stationers, gift shops and educational stores. Pictures soon to follow.

COGS & Rugby

Now to the rugby. This weekend our local team Gloucester were hosting Bath in the Aviva Premiership. There’s always a big build up to a local derby and this game was no different, attracting a sell-out crowd of 16,000 supporters. To add to the tension, the weather decided to unleash a full torrent of rain for most part of the morning, thus ensuring we were all soaked prior to kick-off.

COGS 10s
COGS 10s

Unfortunately the game didn’t go as planned and we ended up yet again on the end of a disappointing defeat. However on a bright note, one of our friends who took an instant liking to the gloves decided to wear them to, during and after the match, not removing them until later that evening. Not sure if that was intended or he was just learning his 10 times table!! So here’s a picture of our good friend sporting a pair of COGS (whilst we were still positive about the game).

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