Having spent many years teaching, we’ve tried lots of different ways to help children learn their times tables. We’ve looked for patterns, quick fire, learnt by rote (boring), sung, played games and practiced, practiced, practiced, written raps, used apps, websites and You Tube.

It became clear that a different approach was needed because all children are different. Children readily use their fingers to count on, hence the gloves!  Immediately our students picked up times tables with ease, due to the visual COGS experience.

With such positive results we put COGS into production. A new and unique way of combining visual, quick fire, games and patterns all rolled into one, using gloves. Something most children wear and find fun.

The Unique Approach.

Typically children will pick up patterns using their cognitive skills, leading to an early understanding and knowledge of times tables. Our gloves can fast track a child to learn each times table more quickly, acting as a foundation for their mathematical skills, a great help for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 development.

They can help children memorise and remember their times tables, supporting their cognitive development whilst building confidence. They are a fun, unique, unusual way to help learn times tables quickly. You can ‘invent’ games to play with them. We really believe they can help children, as times tables act as a basic building block for maths.

As well as improving the core mathematical skills, children have demonstrated increased confidence, improved skills across the curriculum and enjoyed valuable parent/carer-child time.

The Benefits.

With a combination of these benefits and the increased speed of using the times table gloves, we believe the gloves will help your child to:

  • Increase the speed to learn their times tables
  • Improve their mathematical skills
  • Increase their all round confidence
  • Foster an improved and fun learning relationship with parents/carers

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