Looking back over the past 4 months


When we look back over the past few months, its amazing to think how quickly we’ve brought things together. You can see one of the first designs of the gloves, numbers painstakenly stitched into the fingers – wow that took quite some time. There must be an easier way and what about the logo?


The question of the colours, how many and what works well. Where do we put the logo? Its not an easy discussion as everyone has their own view. Even the face on the logo, ie in the middle of the COG started out with just one eye and a slightly cheeky face!

Two Blues

So here we are with are the two examples of the 10 times table in blue. I’m sure we’ve still got the originals somewhere. No doubt they’re probably destined for the shelf, but the time taken to stitch the numbers, wow, not for the faint hearted. I might even post up a pick of the multi-coloured glove!

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