Back to School

The summer holidays have sped by and for the last few weeks we’ve been bombarded by ‘Back to School’ events and offers. Whether you’re about to start school for the first time or returning to meet a new teacher and catch up with friends a new adventure is ahead of you. Here’s some on my observations on Counting On Gloves.

Walking the Dog

At COGS we’ve been busy too. Our delivery of ‘Counting on Gloves’ is about to arrive. They’ve introduced some interesting discussions over the summer months. Many seniors have said ‘learning by rote’ meant they’ve never forgotten their times tables, although they often found it a chore! Even some of my dog walking friends have despaired of the fact that some children lack the basic maths skills they need in today’s fast paced world.

We hope our COGS will be used alongside more traditional methods of teaching times tables. We realise all children are different and progress at different speeds. However, we’ve been lucky because we’ve seen at first-hand how our ‘Counting on Gloves’ have helped fast track that learning process in a unique, visual and fun way.

Our approach is for children to improve their confidence and understanding in a simple, fun way. We can do this in short bursts in the garden, in the car, on the bus or at school.

Lightbulb Moments with Counting On Gloves

One of my 8 year old students said ‘2×5 is the same as 5×2!’. It was a real lightbulb moment for her and she couldn’t wait to find some more patterns. To her it was Magic.  The answer might have been the same, but you had to makeup different ‘sets’ to find it.

Another was finding her 6 times table a challenge. We had a short 10 minute session with COGS. Then a maths session on other topics (she kept the COGS on!). We finished with another short go with the COGS. For a week she wore them in the car on the way to school with her Mum ‘inventing’ games. Her confidence grew and ‘I can’t’ became ‘I can!’. It was special when at the end of term she explained that she knew some of her 12x tables because all she had to do was double her 6’s.

Her inspirational class teacher wrote in her end of term report that she was now a ‘mathematician’, she was thrilled!

Watch the first activity  Activity 1

Keep those COGS working and have a great start to the new school year

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