Getting the most from your COGS

To see the power of using the times tables gloves, look at the 4 short 1 minute video clips below. Each activity takes your child through a set of simple routines helping them to remember each times table through cognitive learning.

Follow these as a guide and you will start to see the benefits of the times tables gloves. It’s also fun and a great way to spend time with your child learning their times tables.

Instructions for use of the times tables gloves

Activity 1.

Wear gloves with numbers palm side, smallest number on left thumb, largest number on right thumb.

Close fists so numbers are hidden.

Pop up left thumb and say number, follow with next finger and say number….continue until all ten fingers are up and numbers are showing.

Close fists and repeat ten times.

With all numbers revealed, close eyes and visualise numbers by memory. Take a picture with your brain!

Activity 2.

Close fists.

Say aloud table pattern smallest number 1st. Pop up finger and check you are correct. Repeat for all ten fingers. Close fists again.

Can you remember the numbers on the left hand? Smallest to largest? Open fingers to check. Now try with both hands.

Activity 3.

Partner to ask random tables from glove being used, eg 3×3

Try to remember the number on the 3rd finger from the left.

Say the number out aloud then pop up the finger to check.

Repeat with any table from glove being used, use the numbers out of sequence, eg 7×3, 9×3 2×3 etc

Activity 4.

Quick fire numbers out loud. Start with smallest first. Pop up each finger in turn to check you are correct. Repeat as many times as you like. How quick are you?

Do this as many times as you like and when you feel confident, take off the gloves and put them away


Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and follow the activities. Please mail us with your own ideas or games on how to make the most out of your times tables gloves.